Versa-Matic Air-Driven Submersible Pumps

AP 50

When you need a pump that provides higher head pressures, get the AP50 air-driven high pressure pump. Capable of pumping up to 100 vertical feet while fully submerged, the AP50 runs on an efficient air motor with auto-start, making it the ideal tool for dewatering in situations where electricity is unavailable.

  • weighs 71 lbs
  • is constructed of cast iron
  • has a maximum head pressure of 100′ vertical
  • offers sealed construction and a convenient carrying handle
  • is compact and will fit in openings as small as 16″ diameter
  • provides easy maintenance and has a long service life
  • operates at low noise levels
  • is able to run dry without being damaged
  • can be operated safely in hazardous areas
  • includes an integral baseplate/strainer
  • features an open impeller for slurry and solids


For a pump that handles mud, leaves, sand, and any solid up to 1.5″ without clogging, get the SludgeMaster™ air-driven high-flow pump. This trash pump operates at up to 300 gpm—our highest flow rate— runs on compressed air for continuous power supply. Weighing just 59 lbs, the SludgeMaster is constructed for rough handling and long life on land, sea, or offshore.

When your situation calls for fast dewatering, the SludgeMaster delivers. It provides our highest flow rates — up to 300 gpm — and runs on compressed air for continuous power supply. This trash pump handles everything from mud and leaves to sand and solids without clogging.


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