Gemini² MCU™ (Multiple Chemical Unit)

NEW! Store multiple chemicals in a single, multi-compartment dual containment tank. Configure two, three, or four different liquids in one compact space, each with separate containment that is as flexible as you need it to be. The new Gemini² MCU™ (Multiple Chemical Unit) has individual modules available in 6 and 12-gallon sizes. Configure your tank with (2x) 12-gallon tanks, (1x) 12-gallon and (2x) 6-gallon tanks or (4x) 6-gallon tanks, all in one compact space. Great for Biocide/Inhibitor set-ups, Pool Chemical feed systems or any other application where you requre multiple chemicals with limited space for storage. 12 gallons = about 45.4 litres, 6 gallons = about 22.7 litres

An optional overhead PumpDeck™ can be integrally mounted to the MCU™ with room for up to 4 metering pumps. The PumpDeck™ is designed to contain pump drips or minor spills that will drain back into the correct tank and can also be equipped with an alarm that will warn you of leaks in both the shelf and/ or the interstitial space before it’s a problem.

Other available options include document storage rack, folding laptop/writing shelf, controller/instrumentation mounting panel, rigid suction lances and more!


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