LMI DSD Series Pumps

DSD Technology® is a new way of metering: a robust and simple system based on a Dynamic Stiffness Diaphragm. Thanks to its mechanical characteristics, the diaphragm does not touch the front side of the liquid end, which means important benefits:

- High suction lift
- No hydraulic cavitation
- Little risk of diaphragm breakages

In addition to its simplicity, this liquid end combines the advantages of the plunger design (pressure capacities, reduced costs) with the leak-proof characteristic of a diaphragm design. The DSD Technology® has been granted by 2 international patents.

First launched in 2012 on the industrial pumps MILROYAL® D, the DSD Technology® is now available on the electromagnetic LMI C Series pump. By simplifying a liquid end initially dedicated to the oil & gas industry requirements, Milton Roy has kept the API 675 structure even if an electromagnetic pump can't be API 675 compliant. It's the first time that a hydraulic-actuated diaphragm liquid end is available with an electromagnetic drive!

Milton Roy LMI DSD Technology Video


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