LMI U Series Pumps

LMI Uni-Dose "U Series" pumps are the first electronic metering pumps designed specifically for the water treatment & conditioning industry.

  • Versatile & Flexible - Available with single or dual output control for easy, accurate adjustment over the operating range. Turndown ratio up to 500:1 provides unmatched flexibility. Maximum output from 6 to 30 gallons per day at 80 psi.
  • Quiet - Advanced noise reduction virtually silences the pump, making it ideal for household applications.
  • Reliable - Totally enclosed, chemically resistant housings provide superior protection in either indoor or outdoor installations. Digital electronics ensure long life. Efficient solenoid design provides the power without the troublesome fans, open housings, motors and gears associated with motor-driven pumps.
  • Safe - Inherent pressure relief stops the pumpif the system back pressure exceeds thepump's strength. Thermostatic protectionprevents damage from overheating.Standard priming valve provides safeand easy priming without having todisconnect tubing.
  • Standard Accessories - Each Uni-Dose® pump comes completewith an injection check/back pressurevalve, a foot valve with strainer, vinylsuction tubing, UV resistant PE dischargetubing and a ceramic weight.Head and fittings are constructed ofhigh strength PVC.
  • Made in the USA

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