Milton Roy Primeroy Engineered Pumps

The PRIMEROY® is based on a brand new device, the diaphragm GSD (Global security device – patent pending) that provides:

  • Smaller total pump footprint (up to 75% less floor space)
  • Enhanced robustness
  • A triple hydraulic security
    • Internal pressure safety valve
    • Diaphragm controlled hydraulic oil refill
    • Protection valve preventing from diaphragm overrunning and extrusion
  • Display of any discrepancy in the dosing process thanks to the IMI system (Installation Monitoring Indicator)
  • Contour plate-free technology allows for dosing of all types of fluid (clear, corrosive, toxic, volatile, abrasive, flammable, and above all slurries or viscous liquids)
  • No risk of oil mixing (hydraulic and mechanical) as only one oil type is needed for the liquid end and mechanical parts
Technical characteristics
  • Maximum flow rate: 3,300 l/h
  • Maximum pressure: 45 bar
  • Maximum process temperature: +75 °C
  • Preformed unrolling diaphragm (avoiding any elongation or creep of the PTFE) ensures diaphragm service life in excess of 20,000 hours
  • Available liquid ends: metallic (316L stainless steel) or plastic
  • Continuous diaphragm position control
  • Diaphragm with integrated o-ring for ease of maintenance
  • Diaphragm fitted with mechanical stop safety system
  • Same oil used for liquid end and drive
  • Permanent oil filtering
  • Internal safety valve with integrated air bleed, patented. Adjustable pressure setting
  • Mechanical oil compensation system
  • Large suction capacity: up to 8 m water
  • API 675 compliant
  • In accordance with ATEX CE EX II 2 G/D c T3 or T4 on request


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