ProChem ClamShell Funnel

Transfer chemicals safely and efficiently from D.O.T. pails, Jeri cans and buckets into your Gemini and ProChem® storage tanks with the NEW “ProChem® ClamShell Funnel”.

  • Designed to snugly fit any of our tanks that have 4” - 8” twist lids, including Gemini2, MCU, Gemini cylindricals, Gemini Squares, ProChem® single wall tanks, ProChem® closed top tanks, and others
  • Constructed from durable light weight LLDPE linear polyethylene
  • Highly chemical resistant
  • Comes standard in black to hide dirt and stains
  • Scalloped clamshell design with integral molded-in ridges to direct flow toward the tank opening and help reduce splashing
  • Molded-in top internal rim  ange “splash-guard” to further reduce potential for splashing
  • Integral molded-in nozzle easily fits into 4” - 8” twist lids
  • Integral molded-in support lugs hold the funnel securely in place once installed and allows for easy removal when finished
  • Smooth inner surface allows for e cient  ow of product from pail or bucket into tank and easy clean-up after filling
  • Low cost, so all of your operators and sales force can always have one or more on hand

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