Williams WILROY Hydraulic Diaphragm Pneumatic Pump

The WILROY metering pump is a unique blend of Williams and Milton Roy pump technology, utilizing the best features from both designs to create a new robust pump with unique features and proven technology.

The WILROY utilizes the hydraulically actuated diaphragm of the Milton Roy mROY pump and the pneumatic drive of a Williams "V" Series plunger pump. This combination provides chemical containment of a low-maintenance diaphragm with the convenience of a high-turn down pneumatically-operated pump.

They have a stroke rate from 3-45 strokes per minute and the ability to adjust the precise amount of chemical injected using the volumetric adjustment knob. A built-in replenishment of the hydraulic oil is achieved with the recirculation of every stroke of the pump, while air is purged from the hydraulic oil ensuring repeatability and accuracy with every stroke of the pump.

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